Donna McKevitt

Donna Mckevitt is a British composer. She has worked as a singer and violist with Nick Cave, Tricky, Moby and Michael Nyman. She was a member of Miranda Sex Garden and worked with Derek Jarman on his final film, Blue. After Jarman’s death, Donna set a number of the poems that appeared in his diary for voices, viola and cello. The resulting album, Translucence, released on Warner Classics was received with widespread critical acclaim.

Currently, Donna is a member of the band The Mabuses and composer for the photographer Emma Summerton, contributing film scores and soundtracks for the fashion house Bodyamr, London and Paris Fashion Week, Jaeger and Italian Vogue. Her work has been broadcast on BBC Radio 1,2,3,4 and 6 music, Classic FM as well as WNYC in the US. This year, Donna scored her first feature film, The Fold, for director John Jencks.