Pablo Neruda

Between 2004 and 2006 Donna McKevitt recorded 7 songs for voice as part of her Neruda song cycle. The Neruda poems that were set included:

  • Tonight I Can Write … (Poema XX)
  • Every Day You Play … (Poema XIV)
  • I Like For You To Be Still … (Poema XV)
  • We Have Lost Even This Twilight … (Sonnet X)
  • I Remember You As You Were …
  • Neither The Heart …

The majority of the recordings were produced at the Dutch Church in the City of London by Jamie Harley and the voices were: Melanie Pappenheim (Mezzo Soprano), Jocelyn West (Soprano) and Donna McKevitt (Contralto).

Currently the recordings remain unreleased. However, they may be available later this year as part of a collection of love songs with settings of the work of EE Cummings.

“I like for you to be still” the second and final song in the short film “Still” (2011)

Every Day You Play … (Poema XIV)